Premium Starter Kit Oils

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This post breaks down exactly what’s included in the Premium Starter Kit and a few recipes you can try the moment you get yours!

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  • A set of 11 5ml bottles of Essential Oils:
    • Lavender
    • Peppermint
    • Lemon
    • Copaiba
    • Frankincense
    • Thieves
    • Citrus Fresh
    • Raven
    • DiGize
    • PanAway
    • Stress Away


This is such a staple for everyone who uses oils. It’s a fan favorite, for sure!

Lavender essential oil has graced every product from essentially the beginning of time. You’ve seen it in candles and hand soaps and lotions and creams. It is without a doubt, the most versatile of essential oils.

You ready for a knowledge bomb?

It takes 27 square feet of lavender plants to make one 15 ml bottle of Young Living lavender! The coolest thing about YL is that there are no fillers, no extras, just straight up 27 square feet of lavender in a YL bottle of lavender. #potent

So that’s cool. I get it! Lavender from Young Living is the business. But what exactly do I DO with it? So glad you asked.

– Diffuse it in your diffuser to give your husband a peaceful and relaxing return home from work
– Diffuse it next to bed while reading your favorite book with a dimmed lamp for an ease into sleepy town
– Create your own soaps, lotions and beauty products using a pure form of lavender
– Create a peaceful environment for mamas even though you just restarted the laundry for the fourth time and you’re standing in a sea of cheerios
– Bottoms of feet and back of ears and neck before bed
– Diffuse in children’s rooms at night time. Or all day long.
– Add a drop when you put your face lotion on!
– Add to coconut oil and apply for moisturizing
– Keep it on hand as comfort for any owie’s

And of course, there are approximately 3 million other ways you can use lavender and the best thing about getting yourself a Young Living kit is that we will tell you #allthethings you can do with our amazing community. I promise, we will not leave you holding a box of oils and saying, “now what?!”


Where can I even begin? Probably one of the most common essential oils, and is arguably one of the best oils of all time. You have probably known about this one since you were a kid!

* Number one tip about peppermint: DO NOT APPLY PEPPERMINT AND THEN SCRATCH YOUR EYE.

Look. You’re going to do it. It’s okay. You’re not going blind. Rub any carrier oil (QUICK GET THE OLIVE OIL FROM THE KITCHEN) and literally pour the bottle on your face. You will only make this mistake once… Or twice. But then never again!

Now what else can we learn about peppermint? Think of peppermint as the great supporting character.
– Supports gastrointestinal system comfort or enables you to ride in elevators with ease
– Promotes healthy bowel function
– Supports healthy digestive function
– Helps with occasional nausea, constipation and gas.
– Provides nervous system support in times of stress
– Helps promote focus and clarity by supporting a healthy nervous system

BUT WAIT!!! There’s more…
– Supports proper joint and cartilage function
– Relieves occasional head discomfort
– Suppresses appetite
– Cools you off on a hot day! Apply to the back of your neck.
– Helps relieve minor aches and pains associated with daily life when taken internally


The happiest of happy oils!

There are SO many fabulous things to say about lemons! Young Living lemon oil is no different! There’s hardly anything this little powerful guy can’t do.

Want to know my favorite magic trick that this oil can do? Takes labels off of glass like a CHAMP. And crayon off of walls. And sticker residue off of shirts that you ran through the wash. Just the other day, I used my Lemon EO to get the sticker residue off of something I bought at home goods (their stickers are the hardest to get off!!) WIN!

Also – it takes 75 lemons to make one 15ml bottle. SEVENTY FIVE. What?! That’s an incredible commitment to you having pure lemon oil if you ask me.

Lemon also is super invigorating. One whiff of it in the morning and you are supporting your nervous system! It also cleans bodily systems, supports proper nasal function, balances acidity levels, and supports healthy respiratory function.

I love popping it in my water (glass bottles only please) and using it in cooking! Who wants to squeeze lemons when Young Living has already squeezed 75?!

Lemons contain the powerful constituent LIMONENE. What’s a constituent? It’s not who you’re voting for next election but just means “ingredient”. Hit up some google for the goodness of limonene. We need it in our lives!

And if that wasn’t good enough it supports proper nasal function and healthy respiratory function! WINNING.
* Caution- This may cause photosensitivity to your skin.


Let’s talk about COPAIBA! (Pronounced “co-pa-ee-ba”, but, say it however you want as long as you use them! But what does it DO?

This beauty enhances anything it’s added to, which makes it a “driving oil.”

It supports the body’s natural response to injury or irritation. It can also help your body regulate its natural immune response and even aid in digestion discomfort when taken internally.

Since Copaiba is the main ingredient in Stress Away, you can use it to relax any stressed out zoo animals you have around the house… or use it for yourself!

A particular favorite use among many mama’s for this oil? Teething. Magic. I’ll leave it at that.

And last but not least, copaiba promotes a youthful appearance from the inside out. Put it in your skincare!


OH FRANK! I just looove Frank. You can call him Frank too!

It was given to baby Jesus as a gift, so you KNOW it’s good! Before I bought my Young Living Starter Kit, I only knew that the 3 Wise Men gave Frankincense to Jesus (along with gold and myrrh). I had no IDEA why they would give it to a baby but I just went with it.

But then I got a kit and I “met” (you know, at home, in my yoga pants) a ton of fabulous people who taught me all about Frank and I can’t BELIEVE I’ve been missing out all these years! And no wonder it was brought to Jesus. It’s an incredible oil.

I’m just going to highlight a few things that it’s known for but a little google search can bring you #alltheinfo because Frank is EVERYTHING.

So some of the things I can quickly highlight here:
– supports healthy skin when applied topically and is an excellent all natural moisturizer.
– It MAY help smooth the appearance of healthy-looking, aging skin….


– It’s also really good for chillin’. It can increase spiritual awareness, promote feelings of calmness and balance and alleviate nervous energy when rubbed on the bottom of your feet. LOVE it for this!
-diffuse at night for all the ZZZZ’s
-It’s insanely high in a chemical constituent called Monoterpenes, and that’s about all I can say about that in here. And that you reallllly want it in your life to keep you above the wellness line!


Ahh, THIEVES. This bottle is a beast!!

This is pretty much the best for supporting healthy immune function, which makes me a huge fan. It complements daily wellness regimens and helps maintain a healthy respiratory system.

I want to tell you a story about an essential oil blend that was inspired by the legend of four 15th-century French thieves who formulated a special aromatic combination composed of clove, rosemary, and other botanicals they used while robbing the dead that were dying of the bubonic plague.

The freaking bubonic PLAGUE? They covered themselves in essential oils so they could steal from dead sick people and guess what… THEY NEVER GOT THE PLAGUE. #thatscrazy

Thieves is one of my favorite oils OF  ALL  TIME

So in a nutshell, Thieves:
– supports healthy immune function
– compliments daily wellness regimes
– helps maintain a healthy respiratory system
– helps freshen stale air when diffused (It smells like Christmas… need I say more?)
– used in a spray bottle with water for cleaning

* In fact, did you know that there’s a WHOLE CLEANING line made out of this stuff?
<and the OCDs rejoiced>

Mamas, this one is a total game changer! Give your kiddos the daily immune system support they need by making a roller with Thieves (you can add in oils like Frankincense, Lemon, and Peppermint for an extra kick!) and rolling on your kiddos feet and spine before school or daycare every day. Take that, germs!

Its constituent oils such as Clove, Lemon, and Cinnamon give a comforting seasoning to warm food and drinks. Add a drop to oatmeal, granola, or other cereal to elevate your breakfast.

You’ll have a quick and easy way to balance your busy life and your wellness with this essential oil that can support overall wellness and a healthy immune system with just a few drops!

Citrus Fresh

Seriously, everyone loooooves the smell of Citrus Fresh!

It is a blend of Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarin and Spearmint essential oils. This oil can do no wrong with a blend like that.

When it’s cloudy out, throw Citrus Fresh in your diffuser to brighten the day. It gets creative juices going, cleanses the air and uplifts my spirits!

You can also use this diluted 1 drop to 1 drop carrier oil on the edge of your ears, wrists, and neck.
* Caution: This has citrus oils in it and may cause photosensitivity to your skin.

The Citrus Fresh Vitality is also soooo delicious when added to ice water!

**PRO TIP** Want to refresh the scent of Thieves Household Cleaner? Add 5-6 drops of Citrus Fresh to your Thieves All Purpose Spray (1 capful of Cleaner to 16oz of water) to create a refreshing scent. It’ll add some zip-a-dee-doo-dah to your cleaning routine!


Raven is a wonderful new addition to the Premium Starter Kit. It is a cleansing blend of Ravintsara, Lemon, Wintergreen, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus Radiata.

Here are some ways to use this bottle of goodness:
 diffuse or inhale directly for a refreshing aromatic experience.
 provides a comforting aroma when applied to the neck and chest
 includes the naturally occurring constituents eucalyptus, menthol, and methyl salicylate (you’re gonna want to look those bad boys up IMMEDIATELY)
 This would be a great one to help you get inspired and uplifted for early morning workouts. Throw a couple drops on your chest before you hop on the treadmill or grab your weights!
 When it’s time to wind down for bed, give your feet a massage with some Raven to create a positive, comforting environment that helps you get mentally and physically ready for the next day ahead.


Can we talk about DiGize for a minute?? We’re going to. It’s amazing.

Oh goodness this little stinker… I love it, but sometimes I cannot handle the scent. But I have some tricks up my sleeve that help with this! (like apply with peppermint!)

This is one of those oils that can be a little hard to pronounce so, all together now… Die-Jyze. Like “digestion” You got it? Great!

This is a hardcore digestion supporter. It’s no surprise that us Americans might benefit from some digestive support. #bigmacs #tacos #allthefoodiefoods

This one is especially good at helping to alleviate nausea and upset or sour stomachs. It’s a must have for overeating at Thanksgiving. You can use it for irregularity or constipation. And it helps with feelings of fullness, bloating and um…. gas. Y’all it’s an anti-spasmodic.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say, if you’re a person who eats, you’re gonna want this one. And that smell? Totally worth the relief.

Tummy, meet your best friend. Now, BRING ON ALL THE TACOS.


You know… for all that “pan” you want to go away.  😉

So this is for people who walk, run, jump, sit, stand, work, wash dishes, vacuum floors, drive for a long time, take showers, occasionally work out, climb stairs, carry boxes from the post office, pick up turkeys at the grocery store, rock babies, chase dogs, sleep, plant flowers…(so you get it, for alllll the people!)

This oil is my best friend after a long day of sitting in front of a computer (I have issues with slouching), or running around while I photograph a wedding or event! I rub it on my shoulders and my neck or along my spine and it works wonders.

It was designed to relieve occasional muscle soreness and tension and counter stressed nerves. Peppermint and Wintergreen (found in PanAway) soothe sore joints and ligaments after exercise. It’s great to use this oil after lifting at the gym or when you’ve had to carry babies all day and your arms feel like they might fall off. Add a little to your massage oil for an after-workout gift. Have some head tension? Apply a little behind your ears and neck (Use a carrier as this one can be a bit hot) – bam!

Stress Away

The name literally says it all.

There are just some days that require practically bathing in this one. Stress be gone! Ok maybe that’s dramatic… maybe not? 😉

Are your days filled with stress and pinterest-inspired panic? This oil is for you. Do you deal with kids, pets, work, adults, life? #getyousomestressaway

Stress Away helps reduce nervous tension and induces relaxation. It supports the nervous system when exposed to occasional stress. It is SO invigorating and refreshing.

Do you guys like to sleep? Guess what happens when you reduce stress? #allthesleep

Roll it onto your wrists, your neck, your chest, your feet, your whole life. (You feel me?) Diffuse it to promote a calm environment. For those kiddos who just seem to have more stress in their little hearts, this one is a beloved staple.

Stress away, I love you.

What else is included with the Premium Starter Kit?

  • A wholesale membership that will give you 24% off of your future orders
  • An awesome diffuser of your choice
  • Getting started pamphlet & information
  • Aromaglide fitment
  • Sample bottles to share with friends
  • Fun samples, including:
    (1) Thieves Cleaner packet
    (2) Ningxia Red 2 oz packets
  • The option to go into the business side of Young Living (but no pressure!)
  • The opportunity to join an incredible oil community

It’s time to stop putting off living a healthier life. Today’s the day to decide that you don’t HAVE to expose yourself and your family to so many terrible toxins. You may have been waiting for the perfect time, or all the best information, or certainty that you would use oils if you bought them. The reality is that starting NOW is the best way to make a change in your life! You don’t need to have it all figured out. You just need to start.

My team and myself will be right there with you to teach you and encourage you and help you every step of the way. Just make the choice – it can make all of the difference for you!

The Premium Starter Kit is hands down the BEST value and very best way to get started with oils. It’s $160 to get it. (and it’s worth over $300!!) Not only do you get all of those 11 oils I broke down for you, but you also get a diffuser of your choice and other fun goodies for you to enjoy – you also get 24% off ALL FUTURE ORDERS. You don’t even have to go into the full business side of Young Living to take advantage of this discount, but you are automatically a distributor. You can start the business literally at any time. I love it so much!

Of course, if you WANT to join the business side, I’m right here to support you in that! The best thing about it for me is that there is no pressure involved. I get to work at my own pace, set my own hours, and simply talk to people all day about something I really love. This business has really been a game-changer for me, and if you’re interested, I would really love to dive into conversation with you about it some more. Just shoot me a message on Instagram, Facebook or via email, and we can chat a bit about it. I would love to answer any questions you may have!

Whether you want to join in the business side of Young Living, if you want to buy the Premium Starter Kit, if you just want an oil or two, or if you still have some questions – I welcome it all!

If you’re ready to sign up, here’s your quick link to get started and order: click here.

To view a step-by-step guide to order your Premium Starter Kit: click here.