How To Order

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To order your Premium Starter Kit, click here.

When you click on the link you will want to:

1. Make sure that you select member as your option (the kit is only available to members).

2. Double check and make sure that the number 2579532 appears in both the enroller and sponsor I.D. fields.

How To Order Sign Up With YL Taylor 1

3. Pick your Premium Starter Kit with the diffuser of your choice and decide if you’d like to set up a monthly order and earn more rewards.

How To Order Sign Up With YL 2

If you want, you can choose to sign up now for Essential Rewards, Young Living’s auto-ship program. You can think of it as a customizable monthly wellness box.

Essentially, it means you will spend around $50 a month ($100 a month if you are doing the business side of Young Living). You will start building up points which can equal free products! You also will receive cheaper shipping, a percentage back in points towards free products, and the ability to receive all bonus’s and commissions! (This is 100% optional when you sign up and you can change your mind later.)

If you do decide to sign up for Essential Rewards now, you have two options:

  1. Your Premium Starter Kit can count as your first ER order (You will earn $10 back in points!). Simply check the box above and skip the next step.
  2. If you would like to select a different kit or a different, customized order as your first ER order, and want to order your Premium Starter Kit separately, you can do so in this next step:

How To Order Sign Up With YL 3

4. (Optional) Add more products

Whether or not if you decided to sign up for Essential Rewards, you may want to save on shipping costs and add more to your kit order.

If you’d like to add more things outside of the kit to your order (such as: cedarwood essential oil for peaceful rest at night, valor essential oil for endless courage, deep relief roller for fatigued muscles, rose ointment for all things skin related, life 9 probiotic for gut health, or t-away oil for your little overwhelmed puppy at home) now is the time to do so.

Simply click on “add more products” and whatever you add will come with your kit – and you’ll only pay for shipping once.

If you wish to order only the Premium Starter Kit you selected, click “next”

How To Order Sign Up With YL 4

5. Fill in other membership information: Name, billing/shipping address, contact info.

How To Order Sign Up With YL 5

6. Create a username, password and pin (make sure to write these down so you remember them!)

You’ll also have an option to add in your SSN/tax information. (Your SSN/tax information will never be used unless you make over $600/year selling Young Living products, in which case they send you tax forms as required by law at the end of the year. If you decide to only have a wholesale membership and not do the business side, it will never ever be used.)

How To Order Sign Up With YL 6

Continue by confirming that you read the terms and conditions.

7. Enter payment information for your order.

Your Young Living account is similar to an Amazon account. Your billing information will be memorized for you for fast ordering processes in the future.

The next time you’d like to order, simply log into your account at, click on “quick order” or “essential rewards” (for the monthly subscription program) and you can browse the catalog. As always, I’m here to help guide you.

8. Check out! (And await your amazing starter kit to arrive at your door!)

To order, click here.

To read more about what’s included in the Premium Starter Kit, click here.

To read more about Young Living Essential Oils, click here.

If you have any questions or if you’d like to learn more about oils, feel free to reach out. I would love to come along side you in your journey.