Oils Of Summer

Oils of summer-2

What colorful and powerful bottles to celebrate the fact that summer is here!! You can use any of these oils to support your emotions, support your health and wellness, and help you feel energized throughout all of your summer activities!

Citrus fresh: This oil is bright and inviting. I can lift your mood during “June gloom” (as Californian’s call it. Anyone else have a term they use for this?)

Grapefruit: I find this oil super energizing. I love to diffuse it while I work and put a drop of the vitality grapefruit oil in my water.

Orange: An oil that smells sweet, and I love it. This oil is also super uplifting and I’m a big fan of mixing it with stress away.

Stress away: Ah, the king of calming people down. Also has vanilla in it – SO GOOD! I use this for all the stressful things.

Lemon: This oil is such a happy oil and totally makes me think of summer whenever I use it. I cook with the vitality lemon oil all the time and I loooove dropping some in my water.