Macrame Essential Oil Car Diffuser

Macrame Essential Oil Car Diffuser by Wood and Oils on EtsyCar fresheners like air vent plugs and cardboard trees? Sorry, friends. Those are filled with a crap ton of chemicals. Whenever we use these, we end up breathing these chemicals in and they make their way around our bodies.

Curious what chemicals are found in these store brought fresheners? Here’s just two:

  1. Fragrance (basically just a bunch of chemicals mixed together into a nice toxic cocktail for your body.)
  2. Formaldehyde (this is found in so many household products and building material. Tell me again why we would we want this to enter our bloodstream?)

Soooooo… No thanks. I’ll stick with this super cute car diffuser made by Wood and Oils on Etsy, instead. I’ll drop in some of my favorite oils and let my body and the air I breathe soak up all the benefits that natural essential oils provide for me. I like this option much, much better.