Freedom Is Attainable

Senior Star Young Living Freedom is Attainable

Grateful to experience more freedom every day. In June, I reached a new rank within Young Living – Senior Star!! I am unbelievably proud of myself. I also know that it won’t stop here. This is just the beginning, friends.

The average monthly income for this rank is $240. This is what I was making at Starbucks before I quit. It also covers my car payment. What would you do if you didn’t have a car payment?

I am on the path towards residual income for my husband and our future family. To be able to take time off when we decide to start having kiddos, I’ll have the opportunity to bless others, in big ways and in so many small ways, and we’ll even be able to own our own home one day. The possibilities are endless with an opportunity like this.

Not interested in the business side at all? These oils still can provide so much freedom. They support your immune system, nervous system, emotions, and seriously your entire body and mind. I used oils consistently for 3 years, never with the intention of selling them. I still got to step into a supportive and encouraging community, full of great people and oil resources. The moment I decided I wanted to help get these powerful bottles into every home, it was 100% my own choice, and I got to start that very same day.

It’s so simple. All you need to start is the Premium Starter Kit, which is just $160 (but worth over $300.) Regardless if you want to sell or not, this is the VERY best way to get started. The kit hooks you up with a diffuser, 11 amazing oils, samples, and a membership that gets you 24% off all future purchases. No catch, friend.

We actually prefer sharing over selling, and that makes this so much easier and unlike other super pushy MLM’s. Your own journey of health, wellness, and oily lifestyle. If you WANT to earn commission and bonuses, these are available to you literally at any time.
Stepping off my soap box now. I just had a huge confident boost last night as I passed my goal and really wanted to share. Now, on to the next rank! 🌿

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