Essentially Flavored Olive Oil

Vitality Olive Oil-3

I cook with spices all the time. I love to add oregano to my lasagna, lemon to fish and chicken rubs, basil to my spaghetti, lime to my guacamole, and peppermint to my brownies. What I love about Young Living essential oils is that they have an entire Vitality line of oils that are safe for us to cook with. If you need a teaspoon of lemon, for example, you can substitute it for a drop of the lemon essential oil instead. It’s seriously a game changer to finally have spices and flavors to use while cooking that won’t ever expire.

One of my favorite things to do for our kitchen is to add vitality oils in our olive oil. I got a glass bottle on Amazon to put our olive oil in, and add a few drops of the essential oil of our choice.

We did rosemary for the first one and this new one we just filled we added in basil.

Something so simple yet so delicious.