Seeking Freedom

Seeking Freedom with Young Living Essential Oils TMinspired

Happy Friday, friends! I wanted to briefly introduce myself and share a little bit about my journey! I would also LOVE to hear about you! Join me over on Instagram. I’d love to hear your story!!

Who I am: My name is Taylor. I’m a newlywed to my high school sweetheart, Nathan, who actually took this photo of me before our day-after photo session for our wedding. I’m a destination elopement and wedding photographer. I have a little pup, Lily, who is about to turn 13 years old. (Check out her hashtag at #littlelilycujo!) I love Jesus. I love coffee. I love to cook. I love tacos. I love family. I love people. I also love adventures, but I equally love staying home in my PJ’s.

🌿 My oil journey: I turned to oils when I was having such a hard time settling my restless heart. I was seeking out anything for support and I thought to myself, there has to be a better way. A friend of my introduced me to the world of essential oils 3 years ago, when I was in the midst of this chaotic point in my life. I quickly fell in love, but grabbed only a couple of oils for support. Last year, I hit another wall. Stress was catching up to me and I felt stretched way too thin. I reached out to her to talk about the business side of Young Living, and jumped in full force. Now that I’ve been studying oils, growing my collection, and sharing all of my favorite things about what Young Living has to offer and the benefits of these oils – I’m falling so deeply in love with these powerful bottles.

These products are a part of my lifestyle, not a trend.

My full-time job as a wedding photographer has allowed me to meet some truly authentic and loving friends. I’ve been able to fuse together what I’ve learned connecting with photography clients, with my experience of being a Starbucks barista for 2 and a half years. I now try to apply the things I’ve learned to connect with people genuinely in with everything I do. It’s the most rewarding job to be able to connect with others and to celebrate with them – whether it’s on their wedding day, or when they’re discovering health and wellness for themselves and their family. I’ve already grown so much and I feel like I’ve just gotten started.

🌱 My reason: To summarize, freedom. Oils have helped me feel free. Free from fear and crippling stress. I’m working on living a healthier and a more whole life. Every day, I take a step closer towards making a chemical free home for me and my husband, and our future family. I’m determined to reach financial freedom with the residual income that this business can provide. I quit my job at Starbucks to solely focus on photography and oils, and I feel SO FREE. What fuels me is my love for oils and my love for people. Work that you absolutely love won’t feel like work at all. Being able to share with others how much oils have supported me has been such a wonderful journey so far – and we’re just getting started.

There’s so much freedom in this community, friends. There is endless support, encouragement, celebration of accomplishments, and authentic relationships. I’m so stoked on this new adventure. If I learned anything in 2017 – it’s that fear won’t hold me down. Now that we’re almost half way through 2018, I’ve continued to see that play out again and again.