Peaceful Dreams | Diffuser Blend

Peaceful Dreams Diffuser Blend TMinspired

Tonight’s diffuser includes: Cedarwood, lavender, and valor. Combined, these balance my mind, and allow me to have a peaceful night’s rest. I get to soak up those sweet, calm dreams. Seriously, this combo knocks me out.

I love to mix it up night-to-night, but this blend is generally my go-to and is pretty much my base that I build any other blend off of. I’ll basically trade out one of these oils for another, like frankincense, stress away, peace & calming, or vetiver.

Once you start to get more comfortable with oils, you get to just play and find blends and recipes that work for you and your family. There isn’t really a wrong answer – if it’s not quite right, just test out some other options and find what blend you looooove. It’s all a part of the journey and lifestyle of oils!