NingXia Red

Have you tried NingXia Red yet? They’re the little Red packs that come in your Premium Starter Kit. Those little 2oz packages hold a LOT of goodies that can boost the health of you and your family.

NingXia has an excellent source of Vitamin C and essential B vitamins. This 2oz packet has the antioxidant equivalent of 1,628 blueberries!

The ingredients include juices and extracts from superfruits like aronia, plum, blueberry, and pomegranate. Plus, whole-fruit purée of wolfberries. NingXia is incredibly powerful for the entire body to support continual energy, and has benefits that include support for normal eye health, cellular function, and add to the prevention against oxidative stress. We’re talking total body wellness here!

NingXia Red is delicious on its own, in a smoothie, acai bowl, or with a few drops of your favorite essential oils (such as 2 drops of grapefruit, cinnamon bark, peppermint or thieves.) All you need is a daily shot of NingXia Red added to your diet to enjoy the benefits of this powerful, whole-body supplement.

You can grab a Premium Starter Kit today and enjoy your two delicious 2oz samples. Feeling like you’re already going to need more than that? Already have a Premium Starter Kit? Great! You can purchase a bundle of 2oz packets (great for kiddos!) or glass bottles of it to keep in your fridge.

Contact me today to see how you can get started!